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Union Hospital Utilizing Stay Staffed® ISM Case Study #5

Hospital implements web-based scheduling software for awarding open shifts to 600 union members

This Union hospital has been a Stay StaffedISM client since 2006 utilizing Stay Staffed's web-based ISM scheduling software. It is located in the Midwest; it has approximately 400 beds with a core nursing staff of 600 RNs.

Staffing Management Challenge

The Union Hospital's existing system for awarding open shifts was handled by their "Big Book," a manual sign in registration whereby union members had to physically appear at the staffing office to register on the sign-in sheet for open shifts.

The challenge for this Hospital was find a software solution that would provide a transparent electronic process to award open shifts to union members while maintaining strict compliance with all union work rules.

Stay Staffed Solution - Internal Staffing Management (ISM)

Solution: This union hospital system chose Stay Staffed ISM to replace its manual "Big Book" process of awarding open shifts to qualified union members.

ISM permitted open shifts to be awarded on the basis of hospital seniority and date time stamp of the union member submitting their request to be considered for available open shifts. The implementation of ISM by the union hospital included:

hospital staffing software
  • ISM created historical records and time stamps of all transactions.
  • Union work rules were uploaded to the application customizing ISM to their needs while providing real time full reporting capabilities.
  • Training of union membership and staffing office was accomplished in less than one week
  • ISM eliminated the errors associated with the outdated sign-in process
  • ISM became fully operational after only one week in the hospital’s "test environment"

Stay Staffed ISM web-based software includes:

  • No hardware or overhead purchases
  • The web-based solution is maintained by the vendor
  • Requires little or no hospital IT staff time
  • The Staffing Office can act as the power user      
  • The ASP program can be attached to the hospital web site
  • Subscribing to a monthly service reduces any risk

Union Hospital Case Study Reported Benefits of Utilizing Stay Staffed ISM

The ISM product reviews from this union hospital have been outstanding. Both management and union membership report that the benefits associated with Stay Staffed  ISM has provided a streamlined process allowing all parties to focus the efforts on delivering patient care within the hospital.

Stay Staffed provided the hospital a web based technology resource for open shift nurse staffing management. It replaced administratively burdensome tasks and manual processes, with increased productivity, high morale, and enhanced patient care.

Implementation and deployment of Stay Staffed technologies were seamless. The on-site training that was provided required minimal time for union members to become acquainted and proficient with the online open shift management software.

Employee Benefits:

  • Personal ownership with scheduling extra shifts
  • Convenient to schedule from any internet location
  • Increased employee morale by granting permissions to employees to self-schedule for extra shifts increasing their earnings potential and retention rates

Management Benefits:

  • Change in current practice; not an added program
  • Guaranteed to reach all available internal resources
  • Utilizes internal resources first
  • Option to integrate current staffing system

Find out today how custom, web-based Workforce Management Solutions from Stay Staffed can dramatically improve your bottom line and the performance of your staff. Our IT personnel are top-notch and our nurse staffing software is truly the best.


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