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Workforce Management Software
Agency Testimonials

VMS Reviews


" Stay Staffed website is intuitive and the easiest site I currently use to submit candidates. My Stay Staffed contacts are effective communicators and respond to all requests in a timely fashion. They truly are a joy to work with."

Seth M.
Senior Account Manager


" I only wish that all posting platforms were as easy to use as Stay Staffed Candidate Direct."


client reviews"Stay Staffed is (by far) the most convenient system I've encountered! It's user friendly! With most systems, recruiters have to hunt for the job order to match our candidates to. This often requires several clicks into various portals (just to find the job posted!). Stay Staffed takes you directly to the job order."

"Then there's the requirement of matching candidates. This means uploading a candidate into their system and then waiting for the client to approve the candidate before you can match them to the posted position (there are hundreds of professionals being submitted at any given time. This has cost many qualified candidates an opportunity)." Stay Staffed makes the job-to-candidate matching process straightforward and easy-to-understand."


"I appreciate the simplicity of this system and wish that others would mirror their processes. If I went on to tell you all of the reasons I feel Stay Staffed is the most efficient ... there wouldn't be enough time in your day"


"I'm sure I've said this before but, YOU ROCK!!  Thanks a trillion!


"I use Stay Staffed on a daily basis to upload candidates. It's user-friendly and easy to see the available orders from employers. I get great guidance and directions from the Client Service team." 

Staffing Agencies Expand Market Reach with Stay Staffed

As these testimonials from staffing companies demonstrate, with Stay Staffed, your agency gains access to job postings at select employers nationwide. You supply the marketplace with highly qualified candidates; our sophisticated Vendor Management System (VMS) takes care of the rest.

  • Get more placements
  • Increase working counts
  • Market your agency nationally
  • Manage the staffing process online

If you're ready to place your healthcare candidates into meaningful jobs today, then you're ready for Stay Staffed's Candidate Direct Marketplace VMS. Get started now!

Call 800-585-1710 to learn more and to speak to a member of our executive team.