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Workforce Management System

Three good reasons to choose the SmartShift Workforce Management System by Stay Staffed for your healthcare organization:

  1. No investment in hardware, software, training or dedicated IT
  2. Maximize staff efficiency; reduce costs
  3. Improve bottom line; impress stakeholders

Deploying an effective workforce management system in a healthcare setting is vital to filling open shiftsinternally and eliminating or reducing the need for recruiting agencies.  Stay Staffed scheduling software, ISM (SmartShift Internal Staffing Management) and SmartShift Vendor Staffing Management (VSM) best-in-class technological innovations not only target cost savings but are proven to facilitate staff retention and morale. Read Case Studies.

Scheduling Software – How does it work?



Stay Staffed scheduling software is a hosted solution that requires no investment in hardware, software or training.  This innovative technology is fully automated and allows internal staff to sign up for open shifts from any Internet connection 24.7 /365 days a year.  As a result, tedious calling campaigns are eliminated, savingmanagement time and money.

•  Redirect workload Workforce management systems product review
•  Attract quality staff
•  Boost fill rate

Healthcare Management Software by Stay Staffed trusted by Industry Professionals

Take a moment to read Product Reviews and comments from a few of our more-than-satisfied clients. Fromdocumentation and online reporting to enhanced communication, self-scheduling and vendor management, Stay Staffed Workforce Management Software comes highly recommended by healthcare professionals nationwide.

•  SmartShift ISM is a web-based workforce management solution for open shift staffing management. The ISM platform permits hospitals to post open positions online, maximizing internal resources, reducing costs and improving staff productivity and morale.
•  Smartshift VSM from Stay Staffed automates the administrative and operational processes that occur with multi-vendor staffing environments.  This healthcare software significantly reduces the time spent managing multiple agencies and finding qualified outside staff.
•  Stay Staffed Candidate Direct optimizes the recruitment of contingent workforce personnel. Innovative technology hosted by Candidate Direct empowers hospitals to create brand identity and loyalty with an unlimited base of qualified contingent workforce candidates.

Want to learn more about how Workforce Management Software and solutions from Stay Staffed can dramatically improve your bottom line and the performance of your healthcare organization? Call 800-585-1710 or email info@staystaffed.com

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