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Health Care Technology on the Rise, with Stay Staffed Workforce Management Software, Google Health Leading the Way

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BOCA RATON, FL - December 1, 2009 – In the 21st century it seems nothing has escaped the expansive reaches of the internet and computer technology – and health care is no exception. Google Health was first launched in May 2008, and has been slowly gaining popularity over the past year and a half. The Google product allows patients to take control of their own medical information, offering a way to keep all of their medical records in one convenient, accessible location.

healthcare technologySimilarly, hospital management software is becoming available to provide hospital administrators with cost-effective, web-based health care staffing solutions. Stay Staffed® offers three major software programs to increase hospital productivity while decreasing administrative costs: Stay Staffed Candidate Direct®, Stay Staffed Internal Staffing Management®, and Stay Staffed Vendor Staffing Management®.

Candidate Direct provides an innovative workforce management software solution that optimizes the recruitment process. It allows hospital administrators to post contingent workforce job openings and to screen and communicate easily with potential candidates, while using the internet to ensure that job announcements reach the largest pool of qualified applicants.

Stay Staffed Internal Staffing is a healthcare staffing software resource for open shift scheduling of nurses.  Hospitals post open shifts, which gives the internal nursing staff more control over their own schedules. Stay Staffed also allows hospital administrators to keep track of employee documentation and licensing requirements to assist with compliance.

Stay Staffed vendor management software streamlines vendor communications by allowing administrators to post open positions, analyze budgets and costs, and keep track of documentation for vendor compliance. Each vendor profile submitted for openings can be viewed based on lowest cost, experience level, or other unique position requirements, allowing management to make quick assessments and informed selections.

As Google Health, Stay Staffed, and other forms of health care technology gain popularity, patients and health care providers will continue to benefit from increased accessibility of information and strengthening of communications.
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About Stay Staffed:

Stay Staffed's web-based management software provides solutions to organizations that wish to achieve higher levels of efficiency, increase productivity and reduce operational expenses. Within the health care setting, Stay Staffed healthcare management software enables open shift management, streamlines multiple vendor environments and helps healthcare providers of all shapes and sizes optimize internal resources and mobilize their workforce.


Diane Bok