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Hospital Workforce Management Solutions positively affect bottom line

Stay Staffed technology bodes an average 1000% ROI among client hospitals

Boca Raton, FL - March, 2007 — Stay Staffed. In analyzing the benefits of cloud-based software though benchmarking ROI, experts have found a significant reduction in agency costs and marked improvement in hospital administrative productivity. Hospitals everywhere are struggling to keep staffing costs down while maintaining high-quality patient care and retaining talented staff. 

Studies show a savings of almost $1 million annually for one client and a monthly ROI of more than 1800%. Retention resulting from lowered turnover was almost $8,000 and agency costs were slashed by another $60,000. Add to that a savings of 360 hours a month in staffing administration productivity, sending an additional $11,000 to the bottom line. Although ROI varied from client to client, benchmarking showed an average return of 1000%.

“The time to administer open shifts with internal staff has been significantly reduced, including far fewer follow up phone calls,” said Nursing Director, Leslee Whaley.

Lower payroll expense – Improve operations

The increasingly high cost associated with travel nurses, overtime, and the administration of open shifts is soaking-up payroll dollars like a sponge and is a thorn in the side of healthcare balance sheets across the country. Though not only do hospital workforce management solutions lessen the need for contract labor and save on capital, they also improve retention and moral by easing the burden on key players.

“Stay Staffed technology has helped immensely with staff satisfaction, and has eliminated the need for me to personally cover shifts that would have created hardship for others who count on me daily for regular projects and responsibilities,” said Clinical Director, Donna Prince.

Sensible IT decisions

The right hospital workforce management solution will help maximize the use of internal staff and optimize IT expenditures. Healthcare facilities that establish direct relationships with per diem candidates and travel nurses will find it quicker and easier to fill open shifts and eliminate agency dependence.

“While there are many web-based solutions in the marketplace that help clinical coordinators improve payroll costs and boost fill rates, few show results as quickly as Stay Staffed,” said John Motsett, Director of Business Development at StayStaffed. “Within just three months of implementing Stay Staffed, one hospital required 192 fewer administrative hours per month to fill open shifts—a 48% reduction.”

Diversified workforce management solutions that work for everyone

Web-based solutions that can be customized to meet a hospital’s individual needs and are well-accepted by the staff result in better quality healthcare.

“StayStaffed has very user-friendly programs. Even those that have expressed concerns due to their lack of confidence in using computers have learned quickly how to pick up shifts and operate the system,” said Donna Prince.

Stay Staffed Internal Staffing Management (ISM) solutions enable shift bidding, reporting and analytics, self-scheduling, and document expiration. The Stay Staffed Vendor Staffing Management (VSM) program allows managers to post shift openings with preferred vendors and review critical candidate information. Submitted candidates can be seen on one clear screen, even if they’re from multiple vendors.

“Viewing candidate licensure and credentials online has been a huge time saver for us. The automatic notification of expiring documents not only alerts my office but also notifies the vendor and the candidate. In addition, it helps make Joint Commission audits more efficient,” said one central staffing office manager.

Add to the mix Stay Staffed Candidate Direct™, which can help a hospital build immediately an internal pool of qualified professionals. The platform provides recruitment advertising resources, eliminates overtime billing, and has the value-added services of payroll, insurance, and benefits processing.

“Since utilizing the StayStaffed program, units are filling long range needs more efficiently. The majority of the work is done online and can be accessed 24 hours a day with just an Internet connection,” said Administrative Assistant, Lori Chance.

About StayStaffed

With over 20 years of hospital staffing experience, Stay Staffed conducts business with over 75% of top-rated hospitals across the U.S. and is a leader in hospital workforce management solutions. Clients are assured of working with an organization that operates at the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and sound management principal. Our web-based technology has brought innovation to the marketplace with products designed to optimize each hospital’s valuable human resources, save significant capital, and ease the burden of maintaining adequate staffing levels.

Contact: Dennis Urbanski
Phone: 800-585-1710