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Web-based Software Increases Hospital Operational Efficiencies

Workforce Management Software at Stay Staffed® Technologies requires no investment in hardware or software. Save time and money with customized healthcare software

BOCA RATON, FL - Nov. 10, 2009 – Cost savings, reporting and analytics, self-scheduling software and a boost in fill rates are just a few of the benefits of Stay Staffed® and Candidate Direct® web-based management software in a healthcare setting. With 24/7 online access, Stay Staffed’s workforce management software permits employees and managers alike to sign in from home, work or on the go.

From community hospitals with a contingent workforce of 200 to healthcare systems employing in excess of 1700 FTEs,web-based software case studies reveal that Stay Staffed’s web-based software optimizes internal resources, reduces agency costs and boosts staff retention and morale. Hospitals may choose to use a single web-based technology or integrate Internal Management, Vendor Management and Candidate Direct contingent workforce management software solutions.

"Once core staff members get acquainted with Stay Staffed web-based software – training on the healthcare software takes just about 30 minutes – clients experience immediate buy-in from staff and are impressed with how the web-based software technology delivers such high ROI in a short period of time," said Sue Higgins, Director of Product Development at Stay Staffed Technologies.

Applicable to any number of diverse staffing environments, Stay Staffed’s success in helping healthcare providers increase performance, productivity and efficiency within their organizations in just one month is significant, said Higgins, adding that the investment in Stay Staffed workforce management software is nominal compared to the return.

"One of the most compelling factors in hospitals choosing our web-based software is the cost savings realized from utilizing employee resources to their full potential, saving time and money," Higgins said.

With Stay Staffed hospital management solutions there is no software or hardware to purchase, no need to download scheduling software or worry about costly healthcare software upgrades, which are enacted automatically online with Stay Staffed, eliminating the costly expense of deploying operating systems and IT personnel in-house.

Stay Staffed web-based software can be accessed through the internet, 24/7, and hospital staffing data is stored in a secure data center with full redundancy and back up. The company provides on call service 24/7, 365 days a year, along with password protection, data integrity and full encryption.

Employees find the healthcare software intuitive and easy-to-use, and training takes less than one hour. Web-based workforce management can be deployed quickly and clients experience cost savings almost immediately.

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About Stay Staffed Technologies

Stay Staffed's web-based workforce management software provides solutions to organizations that wish to achieve higher levels of efficiency, increase productivity and reduce operational expenses. Within the health care setting, Stay Staffed healthcare management software enables open shift management, streamlines multiple vendor environments and helps healthcare providers of all shapes and sizes optimize internal resources and mobilize their workforce. Case studies prove that Stay Staffed web-based workforce management software results in significant savings and increased management productivity. 


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