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Stay Staffed Candidate Direct

Per Diem Staffing, Electronic Position Posting, Documentation, Compliance and More

Stay Staffed Candidate Direct® provides a cost efficient means for a hospital to establish direct relationships with per diem nurse staffing and/or travel nurse staffing, eliminating the inefficiencies associated with traditional agency staffing methods.

Stay Staffed CANDIDATE DIRECT Per Diem Staffing candidate direct

Lower overhead associated with per diem high bill rates, benefits and administration without costly agency mark-ups.

Candidate Direct per diem staffing  provides your facility with the easiest, most cost effective way to build a contingent workforce brand without incurring the high per diem nurse bill rates charged by traditional nurse staffing agency services.

Candidate Direct utilizes Stay Staffed technology, a hosted Web-based Contingent Workforce Management System that requires no investment in hardware or installed per diem nurse software.

Click on the links below to learn more about how Candidate Direct workforce management solutions benefits cost and staff morale.

Per Diem Nurse Staffing Features

Other features of Stay Staffed Candidate Direct  include: electronic position posting, self scheduling, shift bidding, documentation viewing and expiration tracking, Joint Commission compliance, hospital invoicing, reports and analysis and more.

Value added services also provided with Stay Staffed Candidate Direct are: candidate credentialing, payroll, insurance, billing, recruitment and benefits processing. Stay Staffed Candidate Direct will decrease your costs and ease your administrative burdens. Per Diem nurse staffing has never been easier. More shifts will be filled with Stay Staffed Candidate Direct than any other solution available in the market.

Contact us today and learn how your per diem nurse staffing costs can be dramatically reduced with the Stay Staffed solution

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