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Stay Staffed® Web-based Automation Case Study #4

Software Case Study

Influential Factors in Hospital Decision Maker's Process of Selecting Stay Staffed Solution

This hospital system includes physician practices, diagnostic imaging, home care pharmacy, durable medical equipment, and diagnostic labs. It has an approximate workforce of 1700 Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) and has been serving its local community for over 100 years with top notch quality healthcare services.

Staffing Management Challenge

Challenge: The challenge was two fold, the first challenge was to provide sufficient nursing staffing resources for the hospital system that was facing significant staffing shortages. These shortages were attributed to:

  • Position Vacancies
  • Medical Leaves and Intermittent Family Medical Leaves
  • Orientation of New Staff
  • Daily Call-Ins for Missed Shifts
  • Fluctuating Patient Census and Acuity
  • Average Age of Workforce 46 Years

The second challenge was to improve employee morale.  The staff acknowledged an on-going dissatisfaction with the daily calls from Staffing Management to fill open shifts and work unscheduled overtime.

Stay Staffed Solution - Internal Staffing Management (ISM)

Solution: The hospital system chose Stay Staffed Technologies to provide the web-based solution that would automate open shift management and reduce staffing shortages. The other factors that were influential to the decision making process from the hospital's perspective included:

  • The interface could be linked to the hospital web site for easy user access
  • No hardware or overhead purchases were required
  • Stay Staffed retained complete responsibility for maintenance and new release updates to the system
  • Stay Staffed deployment did not require hospital IT time for support or participation
  • Subscribing to a web-based service reduced the risks that would have been posed by a long term investment in hardware or software

The hospital system selected Stay Staffed's web-based management software solution, Stay Staffed ISM, as the most cost-effective solution within the market place.

Stay Staffed provided the hospital a web based technology resource for open shift nurse staffing management. It replaced administratively burdensome tasks and manual processes, with increased productivity, high morale, and enhanced patient care. Implementation and deployment of Stay Staffed technologies were seamless. The on-site training that was provided required less than 20 minutes for staff to become acquainted and proficient with the online open shift management software.

Case Study Reported Benefits of Utilizing Stay Staffed ISM

Employee Benefits:

  • Personal ownership with scheduling extra shifts
  • Convenient to schedule from any internet location
  • Increased employee morale by granting permissions to employees to self-schedule for extra shifts increasing their earnings potential and retention rates

Management Benefits:

  • Change in current practice; not an added program
  • Guaranteed to reach all available internal resources
  • Utilizes internal resources first
  • Option to integrate current staffing system

Find out today how custom, web-based Workforce Management Solutions from Stay Staffed can dramatically improve your bottom line and the performance of your staff. Our IT personnel are top-notch and our nurse staffing software is truly the best. 

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