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Domestic Oil and Gas Production on the Rise: 64,800 Oil and Gas Jobs Created in 2012

Domestic oil and gas production is on the rise and the creation of industry jobs is keeping pace. In their State of Energy report, Ed Longanecker, President – Texas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners Association writes, “Domestic production of oil and natural gas continues to surge upwards, reaching levels not seen in the United States in more than 15 years.” And the increase in oil industry jobs is proving that statement out.

Oil and gas industry  employment increased by 7 percent in 2012 creating 64,800 new jobs, according to the report. The calculations are based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic’s Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages Series.

Texas led the nation in oil and gas industry job creation. The top states for oil and gas employment include:

  1. Texas: 379,800 jobs
  2. Louisiana: 81,400 jobs
  3. Oklahoma: 74,600 jobs
  4. California: 46,400 jobs
  5. Pennsylvania: 34,900 jobs

Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, and Wyoming round out the top ten states for oil industry and gas extraction  jobs.

Did you know…

Oil and gas extraction and production jobs pays more on average than construction, manufacturing, information technology, professional services, healthcare, and financial services.

And that Petroleum and natural gas extraction workers earned the highest annualized wages at $162,200, followed by pipeline transportation employees at $152,100, and petroleum refinery personnel earning $142,800 on average.

Workforce Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

With the shortage of skilled labor in the domestic oil and gas industry, and the spiraling wages that are associated with labor shortages, it’s critical for industry employers  to efficiently manage their workforce.

StayStaffed workforce management systems  for the oil and gas industry allow employers to outsource their staffing needs and be able to use our expertise and experience to streamline their vendor solutions. Our staffing solutions eliminate the headaches of dealing with the complex issues of negotiating and managing multiple agency vendors. Our Vendor Management staffing solution is an ideal way help manage contacts, invoices, and quality performance and provides the best oil and gas staffing solutions possible.

Contact a StayStaffed  representative now and learn how our MSP, RPO, and VMS workforce management solutions can streamline your oil and gas staffing process.

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Help-Wanted Ads Rise in April — New Challenges for Staffing Mangement

Online help wanted ads increased in April by a count of 204,300 — according to The Conference Board’s Help Wanted Online (HWOL) Data Series report of May 1, 2013.

The HWOL measures help-wanted advertising through analysis of over 16,000 online resources. According to the latest report of supply vs demand, which tracks the number of unemployed compared with the number of publicized vacancies, there are 2.4 unemployed workers for each advertised position.

The report also notes that in March there were 6.8 million more unemployed individuals than the number of advertised vacancies, a significant reduction from 11.9 million in the month of June 2009. Perhaps good news for the economy overall, it also signifies a return to a more challenging hiring market for staffing managers.

Among the sectors with the largest increases in job postings were healthcare and information technology.

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