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Streamline and Automate Your Staffing Recruitment Process

Efficiently Manage Your Workforce Shortages with StayStaffed's Workforce Management System

workforce management industries servedAn effective workforce management system is essential to filling open positions and shifts -- by efficiently managing the flow of candidates through agency partners.  StayStaffed’s workforce management solutions not only generate cost savings but are proven to facilitate staff retention and morale.

workforce management software reviewsSee client testimonials ...

StayStaffed VMS solutions are ideal for:

Whether you are seeking to recruit staff for Information Technology, Healthcare, Pharmacy, Energy -- or other industries that frequently cope with staffing shortages and turnover, shift coverage, and fluctuating staffing requirements -- Stay Staffed's vendor management program, has a workforce management system that will suit your needs. Contact us now for a 15-minute online demonstration and see how our VMS solution can streamline your staffing function.

If you find that staying on top of changing staffing needs is draining your human resources department and front line managers, then turn to StayStaffed as your managed services provider to discover how easily and quickly our MSP services can resolve these burdens. 

View testimonials and learn more about how vendor management software solutions from StayStaffed can improve your bottom line and your business' performance by maximizing your workforce potential.

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