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Web Based Medical Outsourcing Software

Hospital Outsourcing Software with Position Posting, Documentation, Compliance & More

Medical outsourcing software is in high demand by hospitals nationwide. Stay Staffed's hospital management software will dramatically decrease administrative burdens and reduce organizational costs significantly. With our web-based management software all you need is an Internet connection.

Stay Staffed provides hospitals web-based medical outsourcing software. Our custom healthcare software includes electronic position posting, nurse self scheduling, shift bidding, documentation expiration tracking, Joint Commission compliance, and more!

  • Hospital Outsourcing Software from Stay Staffed Technologies requires no investment in hardware or software.
  • Medical Outsourcing Software Increases Hospital Operational Efficiencies
  • Save time and money with customized Medical Outsourcing Software

Cost savings, reporting and analytics, self-scheduling software and a boost in fill rates are just a few of the benefits of Stay Staffed and Candidate Direct web-based management software in a healthcare setting. With just an Internet connection anywhere anytime, Stay Staffed workforce management software allows employees and managers alike to sign in from home, work or on the go.  

"Once core staff gets acquainted with Stay Staffed's Medical Outsourcing Software, training on healthcare software takes all of about 30 minutes," said Sue Higgins, Director of Product Development at Stay Staffed Technologies. "Clients experience immediate buy-in from staff and are impressed with the how the web-based software technology delivers such high ROI in a short period of time."

What is web-based management software?

Web-Based Software is software you access via the Internet. With Stay Staffed's hospital outsourcing software there is no software or hardware to purchase, no need to download scheduling software or worry about costly healthcare software upgrades. Web-based software is popular and widely used because it only requires an Internet connection.

 management software demo We customize our medical outsourcing software to meet your organization’s goals and objectives. Learn more about Stay Staffed Candidate Direct to eliminate the agency and work directly with per diem and travelers; save significant costs by utilizing hospital outsourcing software by Stay Staffed.

Email us today to request a medical outsourcing software demo. Or call us at 1.800.585.1710 to speak to an expert representative.