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Stay Staffed® Web-based Automation Case Study #2

Upgrading Scheduling Software Too Expensive for this Community Hospital… Selects Web-based Service as Low-Cost/Feature Rich alternative

This Midwestern community hospital has an in-house software program that handles the core scheduling function for the facility. However, open shift management is done manually. As open shifts become available the staffing office calls and emails staff to determine their availability to work these open shifts.

Staffing Management Challenge

Challenge: Find a solution to reduce the burdensome workloads associated with open shift management. The expense associated with upgrading their existing in-house core scheduling package with an open shift management component was determined to be too costly. It included the purchase of additional software and hardware products including expensive installation. Increased support fees and the indirect costs associated of utilizing hospital IT resources to upgrade their existing product were additional factors that influenced the decision to find an alternative solution.

Stay Staffed Solution - Internal Staffing Management (ISM)

Solution: The Stay Staffed web-based staffing solution provided this Community Hospital with a low cost, feature rich solution that was easily implemented.

Open shifts could be posted for an entire schedule period and updated in real time as needed. It replaced the time consuming traditional manual method that hadbeen used and equally important, the pricing came in below the budget approved by upper management.

This community hospital eliminated the need for labor intensive efforts to fill shifts that had previously engulfed their time prior to the implementation of Stay Staffed. With increased productivity, robust reporting and analytical tools for management the ISM product has been successfully deployed.

  • Electronic notification of key events including: posting, submission, committed, and filled shifts are accessible to core staff, unit managers and the central staffing office.
  • With Stay Staffed 24/7 access to open shifts, staff nurses and unit managers can sign on from any computer whether at work, home or on the go.
  • Increased staffing office productivity, empowered employees and nurse managers to work efficiently which resulted in high morale and lower costs.

More important than even the financial benefit to your organization is the empowerment given to your most important asset, your employees. Find out how ISM can fit within your budget too. We offer our clients superb services and solutions – and invite you to see first hand, how Stay Staffed will dramatically improve your operations immediately.

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