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Stay Staffed® Web-based Automation Case Study #3

Hospital System with 1,000 Users Provides Statistics & Results of Stay Staffed Implementation

This hospital case study from Stay Staffed Technologies shares the statistics and results of actual fill rates of open shifts both before and after the implementation with Stay Staffed's web-based technology solution.

Staffing Management Challenge

Challenge: Prior to 2005, this hospital depended upon a manual system to fill open shifts in nursing schedules. The hospital staffing office had the responsibility of filling shifts for RNs, CNAs, unit secretaries, and patient support personnel. It needed a system to replace the labor intensive manual system it utilized to find candidates to fill the approximately 650 'open holes' / shifts that occurred with each new posted six week schedule.

Stay Staffed Solution - Internal Staffing Management (ISM)

Solution: Stay Staffed provided a web-based management software solution, Stay Staffed ISM, that enabled the hospital staffing office to have an efficient means to get their open shifts filled by core staff members. Below is a sample of the fill rate prior to implementation as well as the results the first four weeks of utilizing the Stay Staffed ISM solution.

The actual fill rates of Open Shifts with internal staff are illustrated below; both BEFORE and AFTER implementation of Stay Staffed ISM.

Before SmartShift - Fill Rates of Open Shifts
After SmartShift - Fill Rates of Open Shifts

This hospital realized a 500% improvement in just 4 weeks. Of its approximately 650 unfilled ‘open holes’ in each new 6 week schedule, this hospital improved the manual results of getting approximately 80 shifts filled to over 400 shifts in only its first month of implementation. The hospital reports today, with its long term employee use and endorsement, it now fills nearly 90% of "open holes" (open shifts) with the Stay Staffed ISM web based solution.

Stay Staffed ISM Overview:

  • Electronic notification of key events including: posting, submission, committed, and filled shifts are accessible to core staff, unit managers and the central staffing office.
  • With Stay Staffed 24/7 access to open shifts, staff nurses and unit managers can sign on from any computer whether at work, home or on the go.
  • Increased staffing office productivity, empowered employees and nurse managers to work efficiently which resulted in high morale and lower costs.
staffing management “The program allows me to be a forecaster. To know when I will need employees and to let employees pick up shifts instead of putting out fires last minute.”

— RN Staffing Manager Client

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