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Web Based Nurse Self Scheduling

Nursing Self-Scheduling & Shift Bidding Reduces Costs and Increases Retention

Nurse scheduling is in high demand by hospital staffs nationwide; it dramatically improves employee retention and reduce costs. Nurse self scheduling has become the most popular trend today. Optional Shift Bidding further reduces the actual expense of every per diem shift. Paying the lowest current market salary rate is saving hospitals significant annual expenses!

Self scheduling increases employee morale by providing the flexibility to sign on 24/7 with just an Internet connection. Nurse self scheduling provides your staff the ability to increase their income too and reduce hospital staff management; which is longer required to get positions filled.

Stay Staffed web-based hospital nurse scheduling software includes: nurse staffing software, electronic position posting, nursing self scheduling, shift bidding, documentation expiration tracking, Joint Commission compliance, and more!

Email us today and request a demo. We guarantee your costs will be dramatically reduced with the Stay Staffed nurse self scheduling solutions.

Stay Staffed's self scheduling software is a web-based hospital staff management software; there is no purchase of software or hardware required for nurse self scheduling.

Web-based Management Software

hospital management software demoStay Staffed's web-based staffing management software provides solutions to organizations that wish to achieve higher levels of efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce operational expenses. Hospital nurse scheduling is easy and hospital staff management will appreciate the ease of filling open shifts with employee access from work or home 24/7.

Within the health care setting, Stay Staffed is utilized for open shift nurse staffing management and more. Hospital systems of all sizes find that Stay Staffed web-based management software results in significant savings and increased management productivity.

Our Client Representatives are available for a web-based demonstration or will arrange an onsite visit and personal demonstration of our workforce management software for hospital nurse scheduling and more. Request an instant demo.