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Web-based Hospital Contract Management

Medical Contract Management with Position Posting, Documentation, Invoicing and More

For the cutting-edge medical contract management solution, Stay Staffed is the number one choice for hospital contract management software company nationwide.

Stay Staffed provides state of the art electronic Hospital Contract Management solution. Simplify the operations of utilizing multiple agencies providing per diem, travelers, and permanent staff. Hospital Contract Management is a web-based management software customized for health care staffing solution. It will dramatically decrease your expenses and relieve administrative burdens.

Your hospital contract management system includes the ability to: post positions, view profiles and documentation, track expiration dates, create & store evaluations, Joint Commission compliance, online invoicing, reports and analysis. We have the most unique medical billing software on the market.

We offer a medical contract management system that is easy to implement and will revolutionize your operations.

Web-based Hospital Contract Management

 management software demoBacked by over 20 years of experience in healthcare staffing industry, Stay Staffed provides flexible workforce management solutions to hospitals to meet their staffing objectives.  Our web-based workforce management software is rated highly by users and noted by clients to be the most cost effective solution provided in today’s marketplace. Utilizing open shift management and hospital vendor management in one platform saves money and increases efficiencies.

Benefits of Stay Staffed Web-based Medical Contract Management

Hospital systems of all sizes find that Stay Staffed web-based management software provides the services required to manage hospital vendor management, internal staffing logistics, as well as providing Candidate Direct Medical Contract Management for hospitals also assists in establishing  direct relationships with healthcare professionals.

Web-based scheduling software is accessed on a daily basis by thousands of active users nationwide to manage open shift schedules, communications, credentials / documentation compliance and more. 

Stay Staffed web-based Hospital Contract Management software makes staffing easier. Just take a quick look at our healthcare management software and its benefits:

  • Provides a single resource for vendor staffing management, employee open shift management, as well as the Candidate Direct platform to add additional contingent workforce without expensive agency mark ups
  • Hospital contract  managers get national recruitment access to quality healthcare professionals
  • Simplified agency staffing and communications process
  • Hospital management utilizes streamlined automation to post positions, review applicants, manage submissions and assignments, and get medical billing software with one easy platform
  • Documentation tracks credentials, compliance, expiration tracking and more
  • Robust reporting, analytics, costing and workforce management software is accessed 24/7 with just an internet connection

Email us today and talk to an expert representative to schedule Contract Management a demo for your organization.

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