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Hospital Management Software

One phone call to Stay Staffed could make all the difference

Stay Staffed® * and Candidate Direct® ** proprietary workforce management solutions are easy to implement and result in cost savings in just one month.

increased employee morale and productivityScheduling Software

Cases studies involving hospitals with staffs from 200 to 2000 reveal a significant increase in fill rates whenallowing management to post open shifts online and internal staff theconvenience of filling them 24.7 / 365 days a year. Not only that, when coupled with Candidate Direct workforce management solutions, providers build and manage their own contingent workforce, reducing and eliminating agency reliance and costs.

  • No more calling campaigns
  • Fully automated

Hospital Management Systems Fill Open Shifts Internally

Thank goodness for traveling healthcare professionals and per diem nurses, therapists and locum tenens. But research shows that most healthcare providers would ideally like to fill open shifts with existing staff.  Why? Because internal staff are familiar with the surroundings, the patients and their coworkers; they can float and are fully-trained on the scope of your technologies. Most importantly, internal staff cost less than temporary staff and patient care is never compromised.

  • Decrease costs by eliminating agency costs
  • Increase productivity through retention and morale
  • Maintain levels of patient care by optimizing internal resources

Web-based Hospital Management is Better

If your goal is to manage your own workforce and reduce or eliminate third-party staffing costs, then you may want to do what one of our community hospital clients in the Midwest did. As an alternative to integrating their in-house core scheduling package with a costly open shift scheduling software component, they called on Stay Staffed to supply them with a low-cost feature rich staffing solution – updated in real time – to fully automate scheduling and optimize internal resources.

  • No investment in hardware, software or internal IT
  • Accessible around the clock from any Internet connection

hospital management software executive teamContact us for a free demonstration - Request Demo

You'll be impressed with how our hosted workforce management solutions deliver high ROI in just a short period of time.  Let us show you in 30 minutes or less how we can save you thousands of dollars by maximizing your internal resources, managing multiple vendor environments and building a contingent workforce you can count on day in and day out. Call 800-585-1710 today to speak to a member of our executive team.

*Stay Staffed web-based scheduling software fully automates scheduling via an easy-to-use online platform accessible 24.7 / 365

**Candidate Direct is a proprietary Stay Staffed web-based workforce management solution customized to manage multiple vendor environments and build and manage a contingent workforce of any size.

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