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Healthcare Vendor Management

Electronic Posting, Documentation, Compliance & More with Vendor Management Software

I spend a lot of my time handling calls and reading emails from my agencies — they clog my system - using vendor management software would cut that back to almost nothing … they could log on and see our postings without ever having to call us again

Stay Staffed provides a feature-rich electronic Hospital Vendor Management solution! Simplify the operations of utilizing multiple agencies providing your per diem, travelers, and permanent staff. Hospital Vendor Management is a web-based management system that will dramatically decrease your expenses and relieve administrative burdens.

Your healthcare vendor management system  includes the ability to: post positions, view profiles and documentation, track expiration dates, create & store evaluations, Joint Commission compliance, online invoicing, reports and analysis. We have the most unique hospital vendor management system on the market. Not only will it dramatically reduce costs, it will minimize your staff’s administrative burdens.

Our vendor web-based management software is simple. We offer a healthcare vendor management system that is easy to implement and will revolutionize your operations!

Email us today - to request a vendor management software demo. Stay Staffed is the number one choice for healthcare vendor management systemsnationwide.

Web-based Management Software

Stay Staffed's web-based staffing management software, Candidate Direct Marketplace ®, provides solutions to organizations that wish to achieve higher levels of efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce operational expenses. Healthcare vendor management provides an efficient organization of information on screen that will permit you to easily view, track and manage all of the critical details in one simplified format. Healthcare Vendor Management analysis is an easy task allowing you to review reports related to unit information or overall facility usage. In addition to having all of details at your fingertips, web-based management software provides additional features such as the ability to produce instant tracking and analytical reports.

Within the health care setting, Stay Staffed provides healthcare vendor management and more. Hospital systems, rehabilitation facilities and outpatient clinics of all sizes find that Stay Staffed web-based management software results in significant savings and increased management productivity.