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Healthcare Jobs Continue to Rise in 2015

It appears that both healthcare workers and their employers are gaining confidence in the industry as well as the larger economy, according to recent trends and surveys.

New healthcare jobs continue to rise in 2015 – a trend that began in the fourth quarter of 2014 when the health sector added 127,000 jobs. The fourth quarter of 2014 was the largest quarterly increase in healthcare employment since 1990 breaking a 25 year record, according to Altarum Institute’s Center for Sustainable Health Spending.

The trend from December 2014 carried forward into 2015:

  • January 2015 saw 45,000 new healthcare jobs created.
  • February and March saw significant drop off with 27,320 and 22,300 new jobs respectively.
  • But job creation rebounded nicely with 45,000 in April and another 47,000 in May.
  • For a 5-month total of 186,620 new healthcare jobs in 2015.

Healthcare Worker Confidence also on the Rise

Further, a Harris poll reported that healthcare workers have increased confidence in job availability and the strength of the American economy. The poll measured the confidence of 3,100 healthcare workers and found that:

  • Overall confidence among healthcare workers is on the rise.
  • 28% of healthcare employees agreed that there were more healthcare job openings – a 9% increase from the third quarter.
  • 56% of healthcare professionals were optimistic in finding another job if needed.
  • 30% were looking for new healthcare job opportunities while 58% were content in their current positions.
  • Job security was highest in healthcare workers in relation to other professions with 76% feeling that their jobs were secure.

As the industry settles into healthcare reform, the trends suggest that both employer and worker confidence is on the increase. The result is a sustained increase of healthcare job openings and improved job security for current employees. But still, the industry has to contend with the ongoing workforce shortage in order to capitalize on current trends. For many healthcare facilities, this means establishing or improving their recruitment and hiring strategies in conjunction with using a contingent workforce.

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