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Web Based Management Software Systems Implementation & Tracking

vendor systems managment

Workforce Management Software helps you Manage the Critical Details

Stay Staffed VSM is easily implemented. Within our secure website, we offer all of our workforce management solutions to our clients to access via the internet. From your desk, you will be able to: log on to your hospital vendor management account, view, access, add, modify, and delete text electronically to conduct all aspects of your supplemental staffing requirements.

Within this format, your preferred agencies will view your posted positions and submit candidate profiles for consideration electronically. Stay Staffed workforce management solutions will allow you to view the profile on screen, as well as the candidate's supporting credentials and documentation.

Efficient organization of information on screen will permit you to easily view submission entries from all agencies as well as track and manage all of the critical details in one simplified format. In addition to having all of hiring details at your fingertips, clients are ecstatic with the additional features of our healthcare management software such as the ability to:

  • Produce Instant Tracking and Management Reports with Real Time Data
  • Send & Receive Messages Electronically
  • Perform Search Queries within the Site
  • Access Instant Online Help, Technical, and Client Support

Stay Staffed vendor management software will not only optimize hospitals’ valuable human resources, save significant capital, and ease the burdens of maintaining adequate staffing levels – but it is also offered via an internet connection with no need to purchase computer software or hardware!

We invite you to see first hand, how Stay Staffed web-based management software will dramatically improve your operations immediately. Contact us now