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Workforce Management Software Solutions Ideal for Construction Employers

Optimize Your Construction Workforce with StayStaffed Workforce Management Software

wms construction industryWith supply costs on the rise, construction industry employers are increasingly turning their attention to workforce optimization as a means to manage rising costs. Workforce Management Software by StayStaffed is the ideal construction  industry solution for managing and optimizing your contingent workforce.

Construction Industry Vendor Staffing Management (VMS) Benefits Include:

  • A quicker, simplified hiring process for improved hiring metrics
    • Fewer overtime hours, reduced construction staffing shortages, and an improved candidate matching process that produces lower turnover and greater productivity gains.
  • Reduced HR administration by automating your agency sourcing, recruiting, and candidate processing to a cloud based VMS provider
    • Over 20 years' experience in the contingent workforce industry
  • Below-market construction agency bill rates from vendors through increased competition from our nationwide staffing agency partners.  
  • VMS analytics and reporting enable improved management oversight including hiring manager approval; budget cost analysis, vendor performance/ costs/ risks
    • As well as electronic notifications to your management team with updates on important staffing decisions and alerts
  • Centralized control of supplemental staffing enables companies to adapt quickly to changing conditions
    • Plus maximize the potential of your construction  staffing decisions
  • No capital spending required on hardware, software, hosting, or services fees.
    • We provide  24/7, 365 customer support with a dedicated Client Account Manager to every client

Contact us now for a 15-minute VMS demonstration
and see how you can efficiently and cost-effectively staff your construction projects.

Optimize Your Construction Staffing

The key to achieving the full benefits of a contingent workforce is to establish an enterprise-level construction staffing solution supported by an easy-to-use, web-based Vendor Management System (VMS). Our construction staffing and workforce management software are designed to create transparency for managing your contingent workforce.

Construction companies that are able to better manage their contingent workforce will realize:

  • Improved operational performance
  • Lower labor costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Greater ability to respond to changing market conditions
  • An improved HR alignment to your company's strategic objectives and,
  • Allow you to become an efficiently-run construction company through the reduction and elimination of overtime, non-productive downtime, and jobsite workforce shortages.

Workforce management software efficiently facilitates construction staffing by assigning the right employees with the right skills to the right job at the right time. It manages the complete contingent workforce lifecycle and provides key insights into how your workforce is performing.

StayStaffed workforce management software offer construction companies cloud-based staffing solutions that have been developed through our more than 20 years in the contingent workforce marketplace. Contact a StayStaffed representative today for a free, no-obligation demonstration and see how workforce optimization can improve your company’s performance.