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Oil & Gas Fracking, Workforce Management System

Workforce Management System for the Oil & Gas Fracking Industry

oil and gas frackingWith billions of dollars of domestic oil and gas fracking projects on the table, employers may be at risk due to skilled worker shortages in the industry. Employers can optimize their oil & gas staffing with a contingent workforce management system that streamlines the recruitment process through our national network of staffing agency partners.

Our workforce solutions for oil extraction industry offer cloud-based Vendor Management Services (VMS) and oil & gas staffing solutions that will help ensure your projects are fully staffed at the lowest cost available.

Benefits of Our Workforce Management System for the Oil Extraction Industry include:

  • A proven cloud-based VMS oil & gas staffing solution that systemizes agency sourcing, candidate recruiting and processing,
    • Reduces HR administration expense
  • Centralization of your contingent workforce staffing allows oil and gas fracking companies to quickly adapt to varying conditions
    • Realize the maximum potential of your staffing decisions
  • A reliable hiring process for fast and improved hiring metrics, reductions in overtime, fewer staff shortages and a streamlined matching process for candidates
    • Realize lower turnover and increased profits through productivity gains
  • Below market oil and gas fracking agency rates from vendors due to a higher level of competition
    • Stemming from our staffing agency partners on a nationwide basis
  • VMS analytics and reporting provides management an improved oversight including hiring manager approval, vendor compliance, costs and risks and notifications
    • Sent electronically to your team of managers with updates on critical staffing decisions and alerts
  • No expenditures for hardware, software, hosting or service fees. Access to a 24/7, 365 customer support is available
    • Manned by a dedicated Client Account Manager for each client

Contact us now and see how you can efficiently and with cost effectiveness, fill your oil and gas staffing requirements courtesy of a 15-minute VMS presentation.

Contingent Workforce Optimizes Oil and Gas Fracking Staffing

The cornerstone to achieving the maximum benefits of a contingent workforce is to establish an enterprise-level oil and gas fracking staffing solution supported by a user-friendly, web-based Vendor Management System (VMS). Oil and gas staffing can be combined with our Managed Service Provider (MSP) system to create an effective partnership for managing your contingent workforce.

Oil and Gas Fracking companies that are able to better administer their contingent workforce will experience:

  • Greatly improved operational performance
  • Reduced costs for labor
  • Enhanced rates of productivity
  • More flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions
  • Improved oil & gas staffing decisions in alignment to your organization’s strategic objectives and,
  • An efficiently-run oil and gas fracking organization through the reduction and elimination of overtime, non-productive downtime, and handling of jobsite staffing shortages.

Workforce management systems efficiently facilitate oil and gas staffing by designating the right employees with the right skills to the right job at the right time. Our Managed Service Provider (MSP) organizes the complete contingent workforce lifecycle and provides valuable insights into workforce performance.

StayStaffed workforce management systems offer oil and gas fracking companies cloud-based staffing solutions that have been developed from our more than 20-years experience in the contingent workforce market.

Contact a StayStaffed representative today
and see how our workforce solutions for oil extraction industry can enhance your company's bottom line.