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Web Based Nurse Auction System

Nursing Bid, Self Scheduling & Shift Bidding Reduces Costs and Increases Retention

Nurse auction and nurse self scheduling is in high demand by hospitals nationwide; it dramatically improves employee retention and reduces costs. Hospital nursing bid and shif bidding solutions have become the most popular trend in staffing today. Shift Bidding is a method to reduce the actual expense of every per diem shift. Paying the lowest current market salary rate is saving hospitals significant annual nurse staffing expenses!

Implementing a nurse auction  system permits candidates to bid on a position by submitting the lowest hourly rate they will accept for that shift. This achieves the lowest overall cost for every per diem shift. Stay Staffed provides hospitals web-based nurse auction software. In addition to nurse bidding, we offer: nurse staffing software, electronic position posting, nursing self scheduling, shift bidding, documentation expiration tracking, Joint Commission compliance, and more.

PRODUCT REVIEW of Web-based Nurse Auction
and Nurse Bid by Stay Staffed

"Stay Staffed web-based software solutions are the most cost effective and efficient means to streamline nurse staffing. In lieu of push pins and sticky notes, healthcare management now communicates with staff through an online, interactive platform." stated RN Staffing Manager and Internal Staffing Management (ISM) client.

"Bidding features have proven to build employee retention through buy-in, and minimize the actual expense of per diem staffing," said this Staffing Manager for the hospital. "The platform's administrative Time Control Management feature significantly reduces overtime payroll costs and enhances budget performance."

This hospital utilizes Stay Staffed web-based software to more efficiently manage nurse staffing and reduce agency costs. The ISM Internet platform enables employees to self-schedule 24/7 and healthcare management to more effectively plan for census fluctuations. Stay Staffed also tracks documentation and analysis in real time format.

workforce management software product review “The program allows me to be a forecaster. To know when I will need employees and to let employees pick up shifts instead of putting out fires last minute.”

— RN Staffing Manager Client

Employees at the hospital love viewing shift availability via home or cell phone Internet and can sign up for bonus shifts far in advance.

“It gives staff ownership when scheduling extra shifts and is an easy, non-invasive way to communicate,” said the ISM Human Resource Manager client. “We were at the point where we wanted to find a way to maximize internal resources while saving money.”

Contact us today. We guarantee your costs will be dramatically reduced with the Stay Staffed nurse auction web based solution. Read about Stay Staffed software case study.

Stay Staffed's nurse auction software is a web-based and your facility will never have to purchase any software or hardware package.

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