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How to Increase Nurse Retention & Reduce Turnover at your Hospital

While the recent economic recession has helped to curb nurse turnover, most doctors and registered nurses still report a nursing shortage and decreased nurse retention. This shortage can be imputed to a number of factors, but the most overriding issue hindering nurse retention is insufficient job satisfaction. Some nurses are seeking out new nursing jobs that may better satisfy them, while others are leaving the profession entirely.

The high rate of nurse turnover affects not only the bottom-line of the hospital but also the quality of patient care.  According to a 2007 study by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, increases in nursing staff numbers were associated with lower patient mortality rates and reduced lengths of patient stays, while decreased numbers compromised patient safety and caused increase stress on current registered nurses.  And the nurse turnover rate is cyclical; many registered nurses leave the profession because of work-related stress, but the ensuing shortage only perpetuates the stress on remaining nurses and increases the subsequent nurse turnover rate.

The Question Remains: What Can Hospitals do to Increase Their Nurse Retention?

One factor that has come up time and again in nursing retention surveys is the idea of flexibility, not only in the roles and autonomy of registered nurses but also in scheduling.  A recent survey by Price, Waterhouse, Coopers suggests that increasing scheduling flexibility to allot for professional development will, in turn, result in decreased nurse turnover. 

Stay Staffed offers staffing solutions to help improve scheduling flexibility and mitigate nurse turnover.  The Stay Staffed Internal Staffing Management program allows nurses to schedule their own shifts online.  Nurses can log in to Stay Staffed remotely, an industry standard in web-based software, and sign up for any open shifts, allowing slots to be filled quickly and efficiently, which increases job satisfaction and decreases potential nurse turnover, while saving the hospital valuable time and resources.  

The Stay Staffed internal staffing product is easy to implement, and has been proven to help hospitals with nursing retention. Call today for details (800) 585-1710 or schedule an online demo to find your hospital’s solution to nursing recruitment retention.