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Stay Staffed Product Review

product reviewsWeb-based Software for Workforce Management

Stay Staffed's workforce management software has been designed to ease the administrative burden of healthcare management . Our web-based software facilitates medical and nurse staffing, with online applications that help fill open shifts as well as long and short-term positions. Read our product reviews and see what our customers say about this state-of-the-art online scheduling software.

 Product Review:

"Stay Staffed web-based software solutions are the most cost effective and efficient means to streamline nurse staffing. In lieu of push pins and sticky notes, healthcare management now communicates with staff through an online, interactive platform." stated RN Staffing Manager client.

"Bidding features have proven to build employee retention through buy-in, and minimize the actual expense of per diem staffing," said this Staffing Manager for the hospital. “The platform’s administrative Time Control Management feature significantly reduces overtime payroll costs and enhances budget performance.”

This hospital utilizes Stay Staffed web-based software to more efficiently manage nurse staffing and reduce agency costs. The Internet platform enables employees to self-schedule 24/7 and healthcare management to more effectively plan for census fluctuations. Stay Staffed also tracks documentation and analysis in real time format.

workforce management software product review

“The program allows me to be a forecaster. To know when I will need employees and to let employees pick up shifts instead of putting out fires last minute.”
— RN Staffing Manager Client

Employees at the hospital love viewing shift availability via home or cell phone Internet and can sign up for bonus shifts far in advance.

“It gives staff ownership when scheduling extra shifts and is an easy, non-invasive way to communicate,” said the Human Resource Manager client. “We were at the point where we wanted to find a way to maximize internal resources while saving money.”

 Additional Product Reviews:

healthcare staffing software client testimonials"Stay Staffed scheduling software has allowed us to place our schedules out as far as 8-12 weeks and get holes filled even while we are sleeping. It is awesome to post all of these from home (on a Sunday with coffee and quiet all around). It is great for the staff nurse who might be looking to pick up some extra time, and to be able to do this from home or from any computer at work. It is such a relief when I sign in and see that three or more nurses have picked shifts and self scheduled without any contact!"

-- C. K., Clinical Director

"Since utilizing the Stay Staffed web based software, units are filling long range needs more efficiently. Since the majority of the work is done online and can be accessed 24 hours a day, the Clinical Directors and the Scheduler do not need to make as many phone calls; nor do they need to leave notes in employee mailboxes about open shifts. Also, the system has been working well for staff; they can see open shifts at any time without having to phone the hospital. Again, this just adds to the efficiency of the program."

— Scheduling Supervisor

What is web-based software? see software benefits      

Our web based software demonstration always elicits great product reviews oohs and aahs from the Managers, Staffing Coordinators, Directors, and especially the V.P.'s when they see the automation, monetary savings, and reporting capabilities of our of our web-based software!

Below are some of their comments regarding the features and benefits of the Stay Staffed web based software:

  • "I like it - it's very user friendly"
  • "This would cut down the amount of paperwork we have to almost nothing"
  • "This would be super helpful with our documentation -- I could see it saving at least 50% of my time"
  • "This is wonderful! With all the information right here in one place, it will make my job so much easier -- I'm constantly being asked to provide information and reports to my manager... now, they could log on and look it up themselves"
  • "The time saving is astounding"
  • "I can clearly see why the nurse staffing department would want this for their Per Diem"
  • "I spend a lot of my time handling calls and reading emails from my agencies — they clog my system — this would cut that back to almost nothing … they could log on and see our postings without ever having to call us again"
  • "This is great, it's so easy that when a new person is hired, they can basically train themselves"
  • "I think this is a great system!"
  • "I love it … it has EVERYTHING that I need!"
  • "I fell in love with the online reporting capabilities"
  • "This is great for Joint Commission … we could use this system for them too"
  • "I'm going on vacation tomorrow. With this program, I can access it while on vacation to schedule myself for shifts upon my return."

We offer our clients superb services and solutions; and invite you to see first hand how Stay Staffed healthcare management solutions will dramatically improve your operations immediately. Our Client Representatives are available for a web-based demonstration or will arrange an onsite visit and personal demonstration of our workforce management software.

The Stay Staffed web-based software technology is easily implemented and inexpensive; your savings begin immediately!

Email us today, our team of experts are at your disposal!