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Web Based Shift Bid System

Hospital Bid Shift for Nurse Self Scheduling Reduces Costs and Increases Retention

Nurse self scheduling and shift bid is in high demand by hospitals nationwide, it dramatically improves employee retention and reduces costs. A shift bid system is the most popular trend in staffing today. Shift Bidding is a method to reduce the actual expense of every per diem shift. Pay the lowest current market salary rate with our hospital bid shiftsystem and save significant annual expenses.

Nurse Self Scheduling System

Three good reasons to choose the hospital bid shift by Stay Staffed for your healthcare organization:

  • No investment in hardware, software, training or dedicated IT
  • Maximize staff efficiency with nurse self scheduling
  • Hospital Bid Shift implementation reduces costs; impress stakeholders

Deploying an effective workforce management system in a healthcare setting is vital that it includes a shift bid system and reduces the cost of each FTE.  Stay Staffed scheduling software, ISM (Stay Staffed Internal Staffing Management) and Stay Staffed Vendor Staffing Management (VSM) best-in-class technological innovations not only target cost savings but are proven to facilitate staff retention and morale.

Shift Bid – How does it work?

A shift bid system permits nurse self scheduling - allows candidates to bid on a position by submitting the lowest hourly rate they will accept for that shift. This achieves the lowest cost for every per diem shift and nurse shift schedule.

Stay Staffed provides web-based hospital bid shift systems; our shift bid software is used nationwide with proven benefits. We offer clients the ability to use a shift bid system, electronic position posting, staff self scheduling, documentation expiration tracking, Joint Commission compliance, time and attendance, and more.

Nurse Self Scheduling is a web-based  hosted solution that requires no investment in hardware, software or training.  This innovative nurse self scheduling technology is fully automated and allows internal staff to sign up for open shifts from any Internet connection 24.7 /365 days a year.  As a result, tedious calling campaigns are eliminated, saving management time and money.

  • Hospital Bid Shift will Redirect workload
  • Retain quality staff with shift bid automation
  • Boost fill rate and shift schedule with lowest cost FTE

Contact us today. We guarantee your costs will be dramatically reduced with Stay Staffed hospital bid shift. Stay Staffed’s nurse shift schedule software is completely web-based, there is no purchase of software or hardware required.

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