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Stay Staffed® Web-based Automation Case Studies

Delivering the highest standard web-based solution for internal staffing management

The Stay Staffed team is proud to share our product case studies with prospect clients and others looking for web-based management software case studies. Stay Staffed workforce management software offers proven cost effective hospital managenent solutions such as improved nurse staffing retention, positive outcomes for managers, staff and stakeholders alike. With Stay Staffed, there is no software or hardware to install, healthcare facilities can begin utilizing web based services immediately.

Stay Staffed Case Studies

Software Case Study

Stay Staffed - Case Study #1

workforce management solutions 150 Bed Hospital Replaces Labor Intensive Open Shift Management with Web-based Staffing Solution
The central staffing office of 150+ bed hospital on eastern seaboard is charged with the responsibility of manually filling open shifts with a nursing pool resource of 250 employees.
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Software Case Study

Case Study #2

Upgrading Scheduling Software Too Expensive for this Community Hospital… Selects Web-based Service as Low-Cost/Feature Rich alternative
This Midwestern community hospital has an in-house software program that handles the core scheduling function for the facility. However, open shift management is done manually. As open shifts become available the staffing office calls and emails staff to determine their availability to work these open shifts.
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Software Case Study

Stay Staffed - Case Study #3

After SmartShift - Fill Rates of Open Shifts Hospital System with 1,000 Users Provides Statistics & Results of Stay Staffed Implementation
This hospital case study from Stay Staffed Technologies shares the statistics and results of actual fill rates of open shifts both before and after the implementation with Stay Staffed's web-based technology solution.
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Software Case Study

Stay Staffed - Case Study #4

increased employee morale and productivity Influential Factors in Hospital Decision Maker's Process of Selecting Stay Staffed Solution
This hospital system includes physician practices, diagnostic imaging, home care pharmacy, durable medical equipment, and diagnostic labs. It has an approximate workforce of 1700 Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) and has been serving its local community for over 100 years with top notch quality healthcare services.
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Software Case Study

Stay Staffed - Case Study #5

hospital staffing software Union hospital staffing office implements web-based scheduling software for awarding open shifts to 600 union members ensuring 100% compliance with all union work rules
This Union hospital has been a Stay Staffed ISM client since 2006 utilizing Stay Staffed's web-based ISM scheduling software. It is located in the Midwest; it has approximately 400 beds with a core nursing staff of 600 RNs.
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